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Cost estimating can be regarded as the approximation of the costs of any project or operation. It’s a very broad subject and can be applied in any field. Yet it’s those projects with relative high complexity and uncertainty that require most attention, since these are often associated with high investment costs. It is therefore common practice for companies to acquire external estimating knowledge and skills for that kind of projects in case they don’t have dedicated cost estimators in-house.

The cost estimating services provided by Cost Engineering comprise of experienced and qualified cost engineers with a cost estimating and a functional engineering background. Those services aim to either assist companies in their cost estimating processes, check their work to ensure they’re correct, or to take care of all estimating activities throughout the entire project.

The preparation of cost estimates will range from the AACE International (AACEI) Class 5 Project initiation cost estimates through cost estimate AACEI Class 1 detail estimates. A full description of these classes, developed by the international association of cost engineering (AACE International), can be found here. A short summary:

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